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We Love Your Pets as much as You Do

At Farm City Pets, we can honestly say we care about your pets as much as you do.
Farm City Pets was created on the premise that every pet deserves only the best in value pet supplies. Pet lovers tend to connect on a deeper level than non-pet lovers. We have seen true unconditional love, and we long to give it back. While our pets might not understand every word we speak, they certainly appreciate a reward.

Magic No-Drill Mesh Safety Barrier


Summertime Pet Cooling Mat


No-Slip Secure Enclosure - Multiple Configurations!


SharkDog Safety Life Vest


Foldable Soft Pet Crate


Anti-Leak Puppy Pee Pad (WASHABLE)


The Banana Cat Bed


Travel Dog Pooper Scooper


Pretty Pet Tent


Window Hammock Bed for Cats


Easy-Fit Pet Carrier Backpack


Custom No Pull Reflective Harness

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Value Pet Supplies and Accessories

There is no better gift you can give your pet than a new plush animal, and a soft, comfortable bed to stretch out on after a long day of play. Farm City Pets remains honored to boast (humbly), an incredibly wide variety of toys, cute accessories, and value pet supplies to keep your pets healthy and happy. We refuse to stock anything that we wouldn't use with our pets, so you can rest easy knowing that every product has been tested and approved. Welcome to Farm City Pets. We're here for you and your four-legged family members.



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